Don’t wait till you retire to travel!


How many times have you heard someone say “when I retire I am going to travel.” My advice, “DON’T Wait!”

Family on the London Eye

There are just too many things that can happen between now and then. My friend was just diagnosed with cancer. Now her future is on hold. Fortunately, we all believe she will get the treatment she needs and will recover. There are many other reasons not to wait. In my case, I have less money now then I did ten years ago. When you have grand kids will they come first or will your traveling come first.

My husband and I both have a home office. There are many good and a few drawbacks to this work arrangement. One of the drawbacks is that when we are traveling out of country, NO work gets done. So when we traveled it was normally for only a week. But we went to some great places – Beijing, Hong Kong, Belize, Cancun, Prague, London…

I have no regrets that they were short trips, and lots, and lots of great memories.

We did learn to travel and work, but will save that for a future blog.

UPDATE September 2012

In the last year my husband has needed a pacemaker, he had a heart attack and had three stents added to his heart. He is doing much better now, but it was a little bit scary. Again I can only say enjoy the day and if you really want to travel don’t wait till it is too late!

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  • Tom Graham on June 8, 2011

    Cindy has been the driving force behind our travels abroad. She floats possible venue’s to gauge my interest, and I tell her “sure, like we can afford that”. Many times she has found a way, and I have no regrets. Memories of Prague, London, Paris and the Great Wall will be with us forever. Long after the same money spent on something else would have been forgotten. So keep planning Cindy. We will get out again soon I bet.

  • Cindy on June 16, 2011

    I remember asking you where you wanted to go next and you said “to a jungle.” We ended up getting a really great deal at a really great resort just outside of Belize City, Belize – The Maruba Resort Jungle Spa. We had the place pretty much to ourselves and had a fabulous time! Thanks for being my travel buddy!

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