Quick Tip on Adjusting to the Time Zone You are In

It is Time to Eat!

No matter if you are going one time zone or ten this has worked really well for us. Wherever you are–adjust to the local time for when you eat. If it is breakfast time, then eat breakfast, if it is lunch time eat lunch and so forth.

In Belize at the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, we eat breakfast outside (see picture) and then gourmet dinners at night. The problem was we are not gourmet people and there was absolutely nowhere else to eat – this is a remote location.

Don’t get me wrong we had an absolutely wonderful time at the Maruba Resort, we just did not do our research and didn’t know we had no other options. The food was very good and they went out of their way to accommodate us. So as a side note be sure you know where you are going to be and what will be available.

By eating your meals when the locals do you will quickly adjust!

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