Groupon – Maruba Jungle Spa and Resort

First have you taken a look at the travel deals offered on Groupon? Some of them really do look like good deals, but as always look at a couple of other sites to compare.

This is a picture of our room at the Maruba Jungle Spa & Resort in Belize

One of the trips they offered is a place my husband and I really enjoyed going to – Maruba Jungle Spa & Resort in Belize. But the thing is the picture they showed had NOTHING to do with this resort. It was a beautiful picture, but not of the resort or any thing you would get to easily.

Don’t get me wrong we had a wonderful trip; just need to be careful about what you see on the Internet.

Bottom line is there are a lot of good things about Groupon and the Maruba Jungle Spa & Resort, you just need to do you homework to make sure you are getting what you want.

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  • paulaustin on April 23, 2012

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