NYC Another Fun Place for Lunch – 2

Grand Central Terminal (most mortals call it Grand Central Station, but it really is Terminal) is another fun place to have lunch. You have seen this picture many times in movies, TV shows, ads…There is another whole world downstairs.

Just follow the signs to the lower level – Dining Concourse. You will find a dozen or more places to eat. There are so many choices it will be hard to decide what you want to order. Finding a table can be a challenge at times. Fortunately, most people are happy to share, don’t be shy just ask nicely.

There are walking tours that will help you learn about and see this historical site. There are 9 walking tours available – count them 9! You could almost make a whole day in New York just taking in the sights here.

In addition, there are many specialties stores here. I was surprised that there was even an Apple Store on the balcony level. On the main floor (pictured) many events are held throughout the year; including a holiday fair, boasting over 72 craftsman/artist/importers.

One suggestion is to start your day here then after lunch take the express subway to Time Square.

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