Don’t Touch My Airline Seat

Oh my gosh, I just read an article in the UT San Diego that I can’t believe. Do you like seating next to the person you are traveling with? It just got harder to seat together, unless you have “elite” status.

Maybe I will take the train instead! Train station in Paris, France

The article was written by Scott Mayerowitz, Associated Press. In summery, it says that many airlines have started to charge extra for aisle and window seats. And there is no guarantee that families will be able to seat next to each other. Doesn’t this just seem wrong!

Of course it is not a problem if you are willing to pay an extra FEE. This makes my blood boil. First we can’t sit in the first few rows of coach – they are considered to be premium seats, but now I have to seat in the middle seat. And pay extra to check a bag, and pay for… and get flight attendants with an attitude.

My favorite part of this article is quote “Booking through sites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity can add complications. If somebody inadvertently selects an elite seat or one requiring a fee, airline reservations systems won’t hold a seat for him. Passengers should confirm selections with the airlines.”

I have a receipt from Orbitz with my seat selections. Is Mr Mayerowitz really saying that means nothing?

OMG. Really. If you are planning on flying this summer beware and it is okay to be outraged. Please let me know if you experience this first hand.

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