Segway Tours

Oh my I am so glad I took a Segway Tour! It was easy to learn how to use and seemed effortless to get around. (See the picture – segways are two wheel vehicles.)


Segways in San Diego

The hardest part was getting on and off the FIRST time. The more you can relax the better off you will be. I am well known for not being a relaxed person and even I was able to do it.

To move in any direction was almost as easy as just thinking it. You just barely move (mainly your feet) in the direction of your choice and off you go. It was even pretty easy to learn to stay in one place.

We were fortunate enough to find a deal on Groupon for the Segway Tours in San Diego. It was a great coupon too, more then half price. There were only five people in our group, so you got the attention and help (which you needed very little of) when you needed it. There were the two of use and three from another family. The other family was from Tucson, Arizona and they also had gotten the Groupon tickets.

Whenever you know you are going to be visiting another city I highly recommend following the Groupon for that city. Right now I am following New York City as we are going there next month. Since one of my sons lives there I think I will watch it quit a bit. I might find a good birthday present or just something fun for them to do.

Which is great when you can plan ahead, but remember there are MANY Groupon specials each day. Many of them are for restaurants which could come in handy, be sure to check when you are there.


San Diego’s Gaslamp Area



Okay back to segways. There are many tours around the country. Unfortunately they have been banned in some of the major cities, although maybe good because I would want to do it in every one of them. I was surprised last week when we were at Big Bear Lake in California they offered Segway tours with a twist. They were off-road tours. The tires were much larger, to allow you to go on dirt trails. They also work in the snow.

The tour in San Diego started with a half hour of training – watched a video, then rode around in a small courtyard till every one was familiar with their segway.

Then we headed out for an hour and a half around San Diego’s downtown. Going from the Gaslamp, to Petco Park (baseball stadium), we even rode in an elevator (don’t tell anyone), rode along the harbor (very beautiful), then to the Midway (navy ship) and around on a pier. (Thank you to Jon Hayft our tour guide.) We had a blast. We really didn’t want to get off. It just felt wrong to walk afterwards!

If you find a segway tour where ever you are going – do it!

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