Old Town Trolley Tour of Washington DC


Traveling Sister’s is just back from a trip to Washington, DC, New York City and many places between. We only had one day in Washington, DC, so to get the most out of our whirlwind visit we decided to try the Old Town Trolley Tours (www.trolleytours.com).

Trolley Stop 1 – Welcome Center

First we had to decide on how to get to DC. We were staying near Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. We looked at the commuter train, but the schedule was too restrictive. Then we looked at driving to one of the outer metro stops and taking their subway into town. But that again did not allow us to have the flexibility we would like.

So we drove! Last time I was in DC it was really hard to find a parking place. This time it was very easy. I figured out where we wanted to go and then found a parking lot on the website – www.washingtondc.bestparking.com – a very helpful site. It shows you where the parking lots are and how much it will cost. It even gives you a picture of the entry into the parking lot, as some are easy to pass by. It worked great. We found a parking place only a block away and the fee was $18 for the whole day.

We wanted to start at Stop 1 for the Trolley; if you buy your tickets in advance you can get on at any of the Trolley stops (there is a map on their website). Stop 1 is the Washington Welcome Center/Ford’s Theatre. At the corner of E St and 10th St.

We walked to the Trolley and got on almost immediately. There were a lot of people, so they added extra trolleys. I think the most we waited was 5 or 6 minutes. There were a couple of stops where not everyone could get on – like the Lincoln Memorial. If traveling with a large group you may want to consider splitting up to groups of 6 or less.

Traveling Sisters in front of the White House – Julie, Cindy & Holly

Because we hopped on and off many times we did have many different drivers. Like anything some drivers were better then others. Most were very good, gave us great tips and paused at scenic spots to take pictures. As we were coming up to Union Station the driver suggested it was a good place to grab lunch and it was! We had many choices, the food was delicious and the service was quick.

We went the end of July when it could have been really hot and humid, but the weather really cooperated. The temperature was warm, but not hot. We were very comfortable riding the Trolley. They did have hand held fans that were free if you did get too hot.

They only regret was the Washington Monument, the stop was a bit to far for all of us to walk too. Stop 11 is the closest stop and it did not look like an easy walk. There was a lot of construction going on that would have also made it difficult. I am not sure why, but the Trolley did not go on the route that was on the map, again it may have been because of all the construction – just a side note; though we did stop at all the Stops as they are marked on the map.


Cindy and Julie in front of the Hard Rock Cafe

Our last stop was where we started – Stop 1. The Hard Rock Café and Ford’s Theater are just down the street. Also at Stop 1 is a gift shop where I think everyone in our group bought something. It had a nice selection.

Overall we saw a lot and had a great time. We didn’t have to worry about driving, finding multiple parking places, or getting lost. I am sure it would not have been possible to see as much of DC as we did without taking the Trolley.

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