New Orleans – Credit Card Miles

We are off to New Orleans this month thanks to credit card miles!


Now I NEVER encourage one to use credit cards, only if you can pay them off each month.

If you are going to use a credit card you should look at what you can get in return. There are many, many credit cards for many things, things other then airline miles, like cars, movies tickets, Disney, and much more. Since I LOVE to travel I have a credit card that gives me airline miles.

The one catch before we go any further is be sure to check the interest rates and if there is an annual FEE. If there is an annual fee, you need to be careful, especially if you don’t use the card much. You may end up paying more in fees then getting enough miles to go anywhere. And be sure to check to see if the miles EXPIRE! That would be a shame.

So we earned enough miles to get two tickets to New Orleans! We were there once before way back in 1982 – over 30 years ago. Our favorite area is the French Quarter. We were able to get a four star hotel on Hotwire in the French Quarter. This way we don’t have to rent a car and we can easily walk to all the things we want to see and do.

On the list is going to Café De Monde. If you like coffee and powder sugar covered beignets this is a place to go. It was established in the early 1860s. Can’t say that about very many places.

Another recent activity we like to do is going to “dueling piano” clubs. The music is typically very good and they interact with the audience – A LOT. You can even request songs. We Goolged “dueling piano, New Orleans, French Quarter” and found 4 in the area. We have mapped them out and will try to go visit all of them. Because of where we are staying they all are in easy walking distance.

Sometimes it seems like it is impossible to earn enough miles, but then we do. We also went to London by just using miles about 3 years ago, so it does happen.One side note, we thought we wanted to go to San Francisco but when we looked at hotels “in town” they were so expensive. Fortunately we looked at our other options and when saw New Orleans we knew that was the one and a better choice. We are excited to be going!

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