Hotel “Special” Deals

Beware when you see a hotel deal that is just too good to be true; there is a good chance it is.

Entrance Blocked by Fence

This just happened to us in New Orleans. We found a 4-Star Hotel on Hotwire at a great price. But when we get there we fine out they are “renovating.”

Hotwire has a deal where they get you a great price at nicer hotels but they do not tell you the hotel before you book your room and it is non-refundable.

When we arrived at the hotel we couldn’t even find registration and the bellman apparently were too busy. The other couple that came in on the same shuttle we did, were lost too. It was a bit tricky but we finally found it.

Then the hotel proceeded to tell us about the renovations; what now when we have no choice!

I truly believe we should have been told in advance. There is a good chance we still would have stayed there because we liked the location on Canal Street and the Price.

The room was nice and newly renovated but having no lobby, noisy “new” elevators, entrances blocked off, work being done on our floor (even though they promised us there would be none), and the construction noise starting at about a quarter to nine in the morning was distracting.

A hotel room is often just a place to sleep, but it is nice to stay somewhere nicer once in a while. Staying in a 4-Star hotel can be very special and worth the extra money.

Would I use Hotwire again – yes. I did write to Hotwire when we returned and they did offer us a partial refund, which we appreciated.

Buyer beware – if you think you have gotten a really super deal, it might be worth calling the hotel and see if any construction is going on!

We had a wonderful trip to New Orleans and tried not let the hotel renovation get in our way.

Has this happened to us using other travel sites – yes.  Things like this do happen; please don’t let it ruin your vacation.

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