New Orleans – Where has all the Jazz Gone?

We were just in New Orleans and was surprised that it was hard to find Jazz in the French Quarter. I guess in the 30 years since we have been there, things were bound to change.

Steamboat Willie

 Walking along Bourbon St. the bars all had rock and roll bands playing. It was a little disappointing. The best Jazz we found was a street band on Royal St. I really regret that we did not get their name. The woman playing the clarinet was amazing. We could have listed to her all day.

There is Steamboat Willie playing his trumpet in a soul full way. He had different back up players each night when we were there; including piano keyboard and cello. The bonus is it is a Café Beignet. Beignet is French for donut. Of course these beignets come covered in powdered sugar, yum. It does make it a little bit of a challenge to eat, but we did our best.

We also enjoyed the dueling pianos at Pat O’Brien’s. They have two pianos made out of copper. They are also famous for their hurricane drinks, which you get to take the glass home as a souvenir.

We had a really wonderful time, but I think I saw only one saxophone the entire time we were there. Most of the jazz we listened to were the street performers and several little parades led by a band.

This picture was taken on Bourbon St. and we were eating dinner on the second floor balcony when the band marched by.

If you are going to New Orleans be forewarned so you won’t be disappointed in the lack of Jazz. We had a great time wondering the streets, going into many shops with unique items too tempting that we had to buy, and the food was ok to great.

Of course listening to Jazz, sipping on coffee and eating a powdered sugar covered beignets was all good!

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