Why Have Black Luggage!

Have you been at the airport waiting for your luggage and they all look the same? Why do that, why not buy something that stands out?

When I was in Orlando, Florida last month the handle on my favorite piece of luggage broke. My handy husband used many zip ties and the tape from a lent roller to fix it. It actually worked really well! Thanks for being there and making the suitcase usable!

The repair job even lasted flying to New York City and then home to San Diego. I am sure it will continue to last for some time and the repair certainly did its job. It was even comfortable to hold, which was a nice benefit.

Since I try to travel as often as I can, my again very handy husband said I should buy a replacement. I did not argue with him. I can’t believe that black seems to still be the popular color. Maybe one just doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd?

I can remember my mom back in 1970s using ribbon on the handle to help find our luggage. People still do that today. It does help and maybe that is all you need.

Anyway I got started looking at many different websites to see what was available. The repaired piece of luggage was one of those that has four wheels. I really liked it, but most people like taxi drives, airport bag handlers did not. If you don’t roll it on all four wheels it did not work very well, but if you did use all four wheels it worked great.

With four wheels you do have two more ways for the luggage to break. Two of the four wheels on my suitcase did stop working properly and was hard to roll. So when I started looking this time I decided to go with two wheels.

Another thing I like is pockets and places to put your shoes. All four pieces have multiple zipper compartments and the suitcases have shoe pouches. That is a very nice way to keep those dirty soles of your shoes off your clean clothes.

We are planning a trip to Europe next year and this luggage will get a good work out.

If you are luggage shopping take your time and find something that fits you – and remember it does not have to be black! Enjoy

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