Dessert and a Souvenir All-in-One


Dessert Souvenir Glasses from the Hard Rock Cafe

Our recent trip to the Hard Rock Café, San Diego, included an unexpected great souvenir. We normally do not order dessert, but the dessert “bites” offered at the Hard Rock were just too good to pass up.

On the menu it says, “Everyone has room for a bite.” Well their marketing ploy worked on us.

The Dessert Bites come in

  • CHOCOLATE MOUSSE BITE – Simple and light: rich whipped chocolate mousse served with a light chocolate sauce.
  •  STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE BITE – A rich New York-style cheesecake filling with a light graham cracker crust and rich strawberry sauce.
  •  CRÈME BRÛLÉE BITE – A rich French Pastry cream topped with a sugar brûlée crust.
  •  CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER PIE BITE – Made with peanut butter, cream and semi-sweet chocolate. Topped with roasted chopped peanuts.

We each ordered a Chocolate Mousse Bite. Our table all agreed it was delicious.

Then to top it off for just a few dollars more you can keep the glass. They add it to your bill. Then you take your receipt to the gift shop and receive new glasses in boxes – Brilliant.

The cups hold approximately ¾ of a cup. We use them at home to limit how much ice cream or other desserts we eat. This way we don’t get carried away and we remember going to Hard Rock San Diego every time we use them.

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