Travel Tip – Spare Battery for Your Digital Camera


Charge battery in a hallway so you don’t forget it.

Of course it is assumed you will be taking a digital camera with you, but what you may not have thought of is to have a second, backup battery ready to use.

I can thank my techie husband Tom for this tip and for taking care of it for me. Every time we buy a new digital camera one of the first things he does is get a second battery.

Just two weeks ago I was at street chalk art festival and sure enough my camera battery died. I would have been so disappointed of the pictures I would have missed. There were so many beautiful designs.

When I am charging my battery I always plug it in, in a hallway by my front door; not in my bedroom or office. This has saved me more then once. I never miss it sitting there waiting for me, but if it had been in my messy office you know the results would have been different.

Don’t leave the battery in the charger longer then it takes to charge. Once the light has changed to green take it out and put it in your camera case.

Why miss a single picture, take a spare battery with you!

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