Don’t Take This Through Airport Security

Buying souvenirs is fun, don’t let it become a nightmare.

You would have thought I would have learned the first time in Cancun, but no it happened again when we were returning from Colorado this past September. Going through airport security can make one nervous, so learn from my experience and don’t let it be a problem.


Two little innocent items that will get you stopped going through airport security.

We started out having a grand time exploring the “Spice Merchant” store in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was very difficult to select only one or two items to buy. Finally narrowed it down to two shakers. Get this they are “Smoked Bacon Sea Salt” and “Toasted Coconut Sugar.”

When we were gathering everything up to fly home, I was not thinking. I just throw all the miscellaneous stuff into my carry-on bag. I proceeded without a care to the security line at the airport. Never thinking I would have a problem.

As I went to gather my things on the other side a TSA Agent asked if  “is that your bag?” Of course I said yes. She looked at me and said, “follow me.” Taking my bag with her. I had a lot of other stuff like my computer so I had to quickly gather everything and “follow her.”

Once we got to a table I was told I could not touch my bag! She proceeded to take things out, while asking me questions. Things like where had I been…

When she found what she was looking for, she carefully looked in the bag then said, “stay right there.” And left me while she went back to the x-ray screening machine. She gave the bag back to the TSA agent and they sent it through x-ray again.

The two TSA agents talked for a few seconds then the women came back to me with my bag. She said, “If I decided I don’t want the “Bacon Salt” he (the TSA X-ray Screener) would be happy to take it.”

I said I was sorry but I would keep it. <smile>

So it was not a big deal and fortunately I had arrived at the airport with plenty of time. BUT I would rather not have gone through all that.


First time the problem was this Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritavill Salt Shaker.

The caps of the shakers are unusual item and I am glad they investigated it.

This was not a nightmare just something I would have rather have prevented. I could have packed them in my suitcase and avoided this, if only I had remembered it was there.



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