Are Compression Socks Right for You When You are Flying

traveling_sisters_compression_socksWhen we went to Italy this year we wore compression socks for the first time. We used them when we were flying and when we had a full day with a lot of walking. From my personal experience, I felt there was a significant positive affect when wearing them. My legs did not feel tired when we arrived in Rome or the day we walked over 6 miles.

NOTE: Okay, you know I have to say this – when talking about anything remotely medical please remember to consult a health professional, especially diabetic’s, if you have health issues or concerns before trying anything new.

Bad rap about them – they are hard to put on – I did not find that to be the case, they are a little more difficult then regular socks, but not impossible. Need to be fitted – I bought them off the rack, but I would guess everyone is different, so if you think it is a problem then ask your physician for assistance. Expensive, depends on where you buy them. I bought mine at a local pharmacy (which I would think would not have the best price) for under $5 and for what you are getting, for me, it was well worth the price.

They do come in several support ranges, as always consult your physician if you have any questions or want to discuss the correct amount of compression that is correct for you.

There are many people who swear they will never fly without them. My sister and I have now joined that group. It is something to look into and see if it makes sense for you.

I believe we enjoyed our trip to Italy more because our legs felt great.

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