Strolling Across the Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn_bridge_1     I was walking around Brooklyn and stumbled upon the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge causeway that goes acrbrooklyn_bridge_7oss from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Even though I was wearing flip flops I headed off to cross the bridge.


The first thing I was surprised by is that the walkway is not along the side of the bridge but above the bridge. In fact it goes straight down the middle of the bridge. The advantage of this is that mobrooklyn_bridge_4st of the time you don’t even feel like you are up high.


One thing I would recommend is to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan, the views are spectacular. There is so much to see the trek across will go by quickly. Be sure to stop at the two bridge towers and enjoy the skyline. If you look a little further you can also see the Statue of Liberty.


Something I would like to try next time is to ride a bike across. I do think you will enjoy the sights as much, but like my friend who can’t walk long distances she could ride across pretty easily.


On the Manhattan side there is a subway station – Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall, lines 4, 5, and 6.


If you have time walk through the park, there is a large fountain there that is fun to sit by and relax a bit before heading on to your next adventure.

If you are hungry go around the park (to the left then north) to Broadway turn right. Walk past the famous Woolworth building and go to Park Place, turn left. At the corner of Park Place and Church is Pret A Manager, they have a variety of food. I had a bowl of Chicken Noodle soup that comes with a small bread roll; both were exactly what I needed. There is another subway stop right there – the 2 and 3 lines.


If you are going from Manhattan to Brooklyn, take the 4, 5, or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall follow the signs for Brooklyn Bridge.

The more preferable way is to start in Brooklyn, which is a little trickier. It starts at Tillary St and Adams St. It is a bit of a walk from the subway, so remember to factor in that distance when deciding to go or not.


I know, I know this all sounds complicated, why do you think I was so happy when I just happened upon it. With gps or good written instructions you can do it! And it will be well worth it.


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