New Pedestrian US/Mexico Border Crossing in San Ysidro (near San Diego)


Something new is cooking down at the border, the San Ysidro border crossing that is. For years it has been one of the busiest crossings in North America. The lines are long and tempers short, as people on both sides of the border wait in their cars, or in long hot lines to cross through immigration.

Well, that is still all true, however there is now a new pedestrian crossing open, from Mexico to the US. It is still being finished, but it is now functional and what a breeze. The Southbound crossing, US to Mexico, is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Finding the entry point is a bit tricky, as it is not near the prior walkway, so it is still somewhat of an insider secret, but word is spreading quickly. (Even today as I write this the crossing is not found on Google Maps.)traveling_sisters_tijuana_new_crossing

When you do locate the entry, you are guided onto a temporary walkway of scaffolding platforms, but it is covered, so it is not so bad. To your right you will see the permanent walkway that is expected to be open soon. It is fully enclosed, so it will be great.

Eventually you reach a typical room with the immigration officers. Fortunately a single line feeds to various officers, so there is no guesswork trying to figure out which line will be the fastest.

Once cleared, you exit to a loading area for busses, including a shuttle to the San Diego Trolley, a taxi stand, or your friends can easily drive around the loop to pick you up. And what is just across the way? A new outlet mall!

If you are in the mood for shopping you can venture over to The Outlets at the Border. A brand new outlet mall with all the brands you are accustom to seeing, restaurants and coffee shops. In case customs takes longer than expected your friend picking you up can wander the mall while they wait. There is plenty of parking. It is just a few yards from the immigration exit into the US.

The new border crossing is located on Virginia Ave. In the US take the “Last Exit,” Camino De La Plaza. From freeway I-5 turn right onto Camino De La Plaza and than left on Virginia Ave. You will see parking to your right and immigration on your left.

So, yes things are looking up on our busiest border crossing. Walking across might just be a viable alternative, next time you get a hankering to visit our very close southern neighbor.traveling_sisters_san_ysidro_crossing_fence traveling_sisters_san_ysidro_crossing_people

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